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China Autonomous Driving Testing Technology Innovation Conference 2018
Conference Dates
28 - 29 Jun 2018
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21 Jun 2018 ( Submission is closed )
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Jin Jiang Tower Hotel
Shanghai, 中国    
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The Chinese government aims for being a leading world cyber power by 2035 and the autonomous vehicle segment is a core part of this strategy. The Chinese government has begun to show strong support for autonomous driving vehicle technology as it begins to fast-track the sector in China. Now China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) is working on a draft bill for autonomous driving. The mandate from the central government is that 50% of all new vehicles sold in China by 2020 must have partial or full autonomous functions. China is to spearhead US$1 trillion autonomous driving revolution. 290 cities have initiated ‘smart-city’ pilot projects, including 93 that are focused on mobility that could potentially use infrastructure interlinked by software to allow driverless cars, or autonomous vehicle and shared-driving models. A statistic represents the projected size of the autonomous driving market inChina from 2016 through 2021. In 2016, the Chinese autonomous driving market was sized at around two billion euros. Globally, this market is expected togrow from 9.5 billion euros in 2016 to 39.6 billion euros in 2021.

However Autonomous cars have some major hurdles to overcome before they become part of the transportation landscape, including the Cost, Standardization, Regulatory, lengthy validation cycles etc. Testing and validation has become a big concern for autonomous driving technology readiness. “The China Autonomous Driving Testing Innovation Conference 2018” will provide you with a precious platform to network with China leading automotive OEMs and Tier1s to build up profitable and sustainable business partnership and together to address those challenges and solutions for you to faster product maturity and bringing safer autonomous vehicles to market much faster than anticipated!

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