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China International Bond Investment Forum 2017
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13 Oct 2017
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13 Oct 2017 ( Submission is closed )
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Total Finance Institute have successfully held several ABS summits with many area experts resource from Mainland China in the past four years. According to needs and requirement of knowing more BOND CONNECT from overseas fixed income buy side institutions. That’s why Total Finance will be hosting CHINA BOND INVESTMENT FORUM 2017 , Oct. 12 ~13 of this year in Cordis Hong Kong. over 300 delegates around the globe, which different stakeholders from Issuers , Brokers, Investment Banking, fund managers ,Sovereign Wealth Funds, Pension Funds, Family Offices, Commercial and Retail banks, Insurance companies, Privte bank, Rating Agencies, Exchanges and other service providers gathered on the "super Contact "of Hong Kong, to explore the current ‘bond Connect’ in the context of the bond market's latest business cooperation and hot questions.

The Bond Connect programme that kicked off it’s first day with more than 7 billion yuan(US$1 billion)worth of mainland Chinese bonds traded by international investors. The long awaited cross-border trading scheme, which initially will give international investors access to China’s US$9 trillion bond market via Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEX), marked a milestone in China’s further opening up of its capital account. Economists estimate that more than $1 trillion of additional global fixed-income investments could eventually be allocated to Chinese domestic bonds over the next decade, and Bond Connect moves them a step further in that direction. Even though the market looks tempting, However some serious concerns are still making most of overseas investors hesitate. Which are liquidity, capital controls, Thin Trading, inflated Credit Ratings and other policy details issue. that’s why you can’t afford to miss CHINA BOND INVESTMENT FORUM 2017 For bettering your understanding of Chinese issuers, onshore markets, regulatory policy, the rating of hidden worries, accounting standards, corporate defaults and many other issues. all these matters need to be discussed in depth

Discuss the profound influence of “Bond Connect” on bond market of the Mainland China and Hong Kong;
Share the opportunities, risks in China’s credit bond market and countermeasures there for;
Gather industry leaders of bond investment market with national reputation for communication;
Enhance the cooperation in China and international bond markets, provide an efficient and professional exchange platform;
Have a comparison and analysis on China’s credit rating and international credit rating;
Have an analysis on China’s macro-economics, introduce latest research achievements to foreign investment institutions;
Have an analysis on policies of the Mainland China and Hong Kong on bond supervision under the background of “Bond Connect” and make
Interpret the difference between Chinese accounting standard and international accounting standard and the development trend thereof;
Discuss the problems in cross-border capital flow and interconnection of infrastructure when implementing “Bond Connect”;

Event Speakers :
Ba Shusong, Chief economist of the China Banking Association, chief Chinese economist of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Zhou Zhaoping, Vice President, Decenture and Currency Products Development, Market Development Branch, Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Julien Martin, Head of Fixed Income and Monetary Fund, HKEx
Cheng Peng, General manager of Genial Flow Asset Management
Cui Li, CCB International Managing Director and Director of Macro Research, China Chief Economist Forum Director
Zhang Yongcheng, Deputy General Manager of Bank of China (Hong Kong) and Chief Trader of Global Market Interest Rate Exchange
Chen Mingqiao, Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited Greater China and North Asia Financial Markets Director
Zhao Zhixuan, Vice President of Construction Bank Asia Integrated Business Management Team
Lian Yiu Tung, Head of Trading, Forex and Local Markets, BNP Paribas Global Markets
Zhang Hong, Head of China Construction Bank (Asia)
Bi Ke Rong, Co-head of ICBC Asia Financial Markets
Isaac MENG,PIMCO Senior Vice President and Emerging Markets Portfolio Manager
HE Jie,Head of Capital Development, Hong Kong Branch, National Development Bank
Xiao Hua, Bank of Communications Hong Kong Branch Global Financial Markets Chief Bank Bond Trader
Wang Wei, Managing Director, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
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