Conference Title
2nd Game Physics and Mechanics International Conference(GAMEPEC 2017)
Conference Dates
07 - 09 Feb 2017
Submission Deadline
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Main Core Tracks – A) Game Physics and Mechanics A1. Game Physics with Mathematics – Rigid Bodies Kinematics (Forces, Momenta, Energy, etc), Rigid Bodies Motion (Netwonian Dynamics, Lagrangian Dynamics and other Dynamics in Games), Deformable Bodies (Elasticity, Stress, and Strain, Mass-Spring Systems, Control Point Deformation, Free-Form Deformation, Implicit Surface Deformation), Fluid and Gases, Physics Engine (Collision Culling, Collision Detection, and related fields), Linear Algebra, Calculus, Affine Algebra, and other mathematics related with Games A2. Game Mechanics and Gameplay -Internal Economy in Games, Machinations in Games, Common Mechanisms, Design Patterns, Simulating and Balancing Games, Building Economies, Integrating Level Design and Mechanics, Progression Mechanism, Meaningful Mechanics and others Secondary Tracks – B) Other Topics in Game Technology B1. Computer Games, Multimedia – A discussion not only about the components and designs (software and hardware) of computer games and multimedia but also on its’ social implications such as censorships and regulations, education, and training. This would also be a platform to gather future trends and visions on multimedia games, strategies and troubleshooting. B2. Cloud Computing and Virtualization – Discussions on the value of cloud computing, theoretical and historical analyses and comparisons of different cloud business models and applications. This will also include discussions about the incubation process of IT Virtualization, security and future trends. B3. Web Technologies and Internet Applications – Discussions on the emerging and future trends on web technologies and internet applications. Education and training are also one of the key areas to be emphasized on this topic. B4. Social Computing and Behavioural Modelling – Discussions on evolution and historical influences of social computing, applications and behavioural modelling and all its implications. Public may also present their opinions on trending topics and case studies. B5. Enterprise Resource Planning & Supply Chain Management – Discussions on ERP and Supply Chain Management performance, security, and maintenance. Topics would also include processes and implementations, tactics and strategies to adapt. B6. Mobile Communications, Networking and Applications – -Discussions on soft components of mobile networking and applications together with its systems, networks, mobile computing and network security. Major innovations and future trends would be one of the most trending topics for this area in which all mobile users can easily relate to.
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