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6th International Conference on Science, Management, Engineering and Technology 2017 (ICSMET 2017)
Conference Dates
15 - 16 Feb 2017
Submission Deadline
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Hyatt Place Hotel , Al Rigga
Dubai, United Arab Emirates    
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Call for Papers_x000D_
6th International Conference on Science, Management, Engineering and Technology 2017 _x000D_
(ICSMET 2017)_x000D_
Dubai, United Arab Emirates _x000D_
15th & 16th February 2017_x000D_ _x000D_
6th International Conference on Science, Management, Engineering and Technology 2017 (ICSMET 2017) is a premier gathering of academicians, researchers and industrial practitioners from around the world to discuss and address the new advancements and challenges in the field of Science, Management, Engineering and Technology. ICSMET 2017 will be held in Hyatt Place Hotel, Al Rigga, Dubai, United Arab Emirates during 15th & 16th February 2017._x000D_
ICSMET 2017 will address multiple topics and issues of interest in the areas of Science, Management, Engineering and Technology by practical exposure in the form of specialized sessions, poster presentations, plenary sessions and renowned speeches from the leading practitioners reinforcing the upcoming challenges to be faced and their potential solutions._x000D_
Journal Publication:_x000D_
ICSMET 2017 coordinates with authors and Journals to ensure high quality research could achieve esteemed publication. According to this only selected invited extended version of best quality papers presented in ICSMET 2017 will be recommended for publication consideration for Indexed Journals, according to the participating Journal publishing policies and requirements._x000D_
Please submit your papers via email to _x000D_
Topics of interest for submission include any topics on Electrical Engineering, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering, ICT, Business Management, Oil, Gas, Energy & Mining Engineering, Basic Science, Food & Agriculture._x000D_
Civil Engineering_x000D_
??Modern Trends in Civil Engineering _x000D_
??Building Energy Conservation and Green Architecture _x000D_
??Bridge and Tunnel Engineering _x000D_
??High-rise Structure and Large-span Structure _x000D_
??Municipal Engineering _x000D_
??Town Planning _x000D_
??Water Resource Engineering _x000D_
??Transportation Engineering _x000D_
??Geotechnical Engineering _x000D_
Mechanical & Industrial Engineering_x000D_
??Design and Manufacturing Engineering_x000D_
??Materials Science and Engineering_x000D_
??Mechatronics and Automation _x000D_
??Industrial and Systems Engineering_x000D_
??Textile and Leather Technology _x000D_
??Computer Integrated Manufacturing _x000D_
??Production Planning and Control _x000D_
??Operations Research _x000D_
??Total Quality Management _x000D_
??Avionics _x000D_
Basic Science_x000D_
??Crystal Growth of Advanced Materials_x000D_
??Advanced Numerical Algorithms _x000D_
??Applications of Computation as a Scientific Paradigm _x000D_
??Advanced Chemistry _x000D_
??Mathematical Modelling _x000D_
??Computational Physics & Biology_x000D_
??Quantum computation _x000D_
??Cryptography _x000D_
Life Science Engineering_x000D_
??Bio-medical engineering _x000D_
??Bio-Nanotechnology _x000D_
??Robotics and Rehabilitation _x000D_
??Medical Imaging _x000D_
??Advancements in Medical Technology _x000D_
??Bio-Engineering _x000D_
Electrical Engineering_x000D_
??Electric Drives and Control_x000D_
??Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution _x000D_
??Smart Grids Technologies & Applications _x000D_
??Renewable Power Generation and its Efficient Utilization _x000D_
??Electricity Market in Smart Grid _x000D_
??Power System Engineering & its applications _x000D_
??Electrical Machines _x000D_
??Instrumentation Engineering _x000D_
Food & Agriculture_x000D_
??Irrigation & water management_x000D_
??Agricultural Machinery_x000D_
??Forest and Natural Resource Management_x000D_
??Bio Fuel_x000D_
??Hi?뱓ech technologies in secure food packaging_x000D_
??New strategies in food packaging_x000D_
??Food Safety_x000D_
??Food Processing_x000D_
??Molecular Biology and Genetics _x000D_
??Communication Networks and Security_x000D_
??Software Engineering _x000D_
??Signal Processing _x000D_
??Network Management _x000D_
??Cloud Computing _x000D_
??Parallel and distributed computing _x000D_
??Information theory _x000D_
??Machine learning _x000D_
??Next Generation Networks _x000D_
??Financial Management _x000D_
??Marketing Management _x000D_
??HR Management _x000D_
??Retail Management _x000D_
??E-Commerce Technologies _x000D_
??Strategic Management _x000D_
??Financial and Management Accounting _x000D_
??Business Statistics _x000D_
??Business communication _x000D_
??Enterprise Resource Planning_x000D_
Oil, Gas, Energy & Mining Engineering_x000D_
??Geomechanics _x000D_
??Drilling and Completion Technology_x000D_
??Geoscience _x000D_
??Energy Demand and Supply _x000D_
??Energy Sector opportunities and Challenges _x000D_
??Environmental & Health Aspects _x000D_
??Surveying, Mine Planning and Systems Engineering _x000D_
??Resource Utilization Issues _x000D_
??Metal Mining _x000D_
??Mining Methods and Machinery _x000D_
Computer Science and Applications_x000D_
??Software Engineering _x000D_
??Computer Applications _x000D_
??Computer Networks _x000D_
??Algorithms and data structures _x000D_
??Program semantics and verification _x000D_
??Natural Language Processing _x000D_
??Theoretical computer science and algebra _x000D_
??Computational complexity, economics, geometry _x000D_
??Artificial Intelligence_x000D_
For more information about ICSMET 2017, please visit, or you are welcome to contact the organizing committee directly via _x000D_
Kindly forward the same to your friends, colleagues and ask them to join the conference. _x000D_
Thanks and looking for your kind response. _x000D_
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